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We Have A Problem

Major corporations spend billions on lobbyists, marketing and fund "scientific" studies to create laws, shape consumer mindset and influence buying decisions, that benefit their financial interest, and are often at the expense of the health of consumers and the environment.

In America, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, mental disorders, skin disorders, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are all on the rise at unprecedented rates.  While disease is complex, many of the ingredients we put on and in our bodies are contributing to or causing damage.


(Where's The Facts)

The US legal system that puts the onus on the consumer to prove that an ingredient is causing damage, whereas in Europe their laws dictate that companies must first prove that an ingredient is safe before consumers can use it.  The FDA only enforces rules that Congress creates or the courts system rules upon.  To take personal care as an example: The EU has over 1300 ingredients banned, in comparison to the US which has 11 of those ingredients on its prohibited list.   

There Is A Solution

At Our Green Nation we believe that you have the right to access and share honest information.  No "alternative fact's" allowed. 

We connect you directly with our network of leaders, advocates, and innovators so you can make the most informed decisions about your health, wellness, and well-being.

We have selected 10 main categories that represent an integrative approach to wellness and contribute to your ability to thrive.

Category standards are set to guide Contributor selection, information they provide, and services they offer.  All Contributors must vetted through our approval process. 

Stop endlessly searching the internet in pursuit of quality information.  Don't go it alone.  Join with us. 

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By taking an integrated view of our lives, we can see how personal health is interconnected with community and planetary health. 

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Label Literacy

Every time you go to a store and place an item in your shopping cart you have an opportunity to show your support for the brands you believe in.  

If we blindly choose products, not only can we be making poor personal decisions, but there is potential to fund organizations we fundamentally oppose. 

Learning to read ingredient labels is the first step in making educated decisions.  

Vote with your dollar every time you shop!

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By coming together and sharing the collective wealth of our accumulated knowledge about healthy care, within a single generation we will be able to greatly improve everyone's overall health as well as that of the planet.

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