Contributor Pledge

I pledge to assist Members in making educated decisions, facilitating their personalized ownership of health and well-being.

I will build community by sharing articles, recipes, videos, podcasts or photos with Members and the groups I create and participate in.

As a user of and Contributor to Our Green Nation I will adhere to the following user guidelines*


  • We/I are/am expected to behave in an AUTHENTIC manner by contributing original content, which can include but not limited to; blogs, video, audio, photos, art, recipes or articles.
  • We/I will only provide content if we have free and clear rights to use all parts of the content, have fact checked the content for legitimacy and the ideas claimed and/or references cited (if applicable) are credible.
  • We/I understand we are solely responsible for our content and will adhere to category guidelines (See Guidelines)
  • We/I are/am encouraged to find ways to educate the users of this site, known as Members, by being honest, direct, CREATIVE, FUN and informative.
  • We/I see the benefit of and will help create a respectful integrative wellness COMMUNITY by sharing information, responding to comments and being thoughtful industry leaders.


  • We/I have much to be GRATEFUL for and should strive to be humble.
  • We/I will use open COMMUNICATION to express the message we/I bring, to help create a FAMILY environment that supports the path of personal discovery.
  • We/I are/am respectful of all different backgrounds, orientations, ethnicities, ages, and present place or outlook in life. We/I understand that directing hate or overt negative ranting at other Members, Employees or Contributors will not be tolerated. I agree to the site Terms Of Use.


  • We/I embrace each new moment, idea, and person by learning in an expansive and ACCEPTING way and also understand that every idea or recommendation may not work for every Member.
  • We/I understand that life is a process of personal growth and change; We/I agree to embrace and honor our/my personal EVOLUTION and the evolution of others.
  • We/I will respect the political and religious views of individuals and will not promote or disparage political parties or candidates by name, but have the freedom to speak to the issues that affect us all on an environmental or human rights level, as long as discourse is done in a productive and/or solution oriented manner.
  • We/I commit to a RESOURCEFUL mindset and will try to use our global assets intelligently – conserving, reusing, recycling, repurposing – and help usher in an era of sustainable wellness.


  • When interacting with Members, Contributors or Employees, We/I will always use productive ways to ENGAGE and display my PASSION for topics presented, concerns raised, questions asked or any other type of interaction that may present itself.
  • Even in the face of challenges, we/I take full RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves/myself and our/my behavior.
  • We/I remain DRIVEN to seek to seek to understand and find win-win solutions for myself and others.

   Join our ecosystem of health, wellness and wellbeing

*Contributor Privileges may be revoked at any time for any reason.