Member Pledge

I pledge to make educated decisions, facilitating a customized ownership of my personal health and well-being.

I will build community by liking, commenting and sharing articles with other Members and the groups I create and participate in.

As a user and Member of Our Green Nation I will adhere to the following user guidelines*


  • I am expected to behave in an AUTHENTIC manner that is inclusive and friendly to others.
  • I am encouraged to find ways to be CREATIVE, FUN and look at myself and others from an integrated viewpoint.
  • I will help create a respectful integrative wellness COMMUNITY by sharing, liking and commenting on posts and content.
  • I will not use any portion of this site to shamelessly promote or leverate affiliate marketing for companies or individuals who are not approved contributors of this site.


  • I have much to be GRATEFUL for and should strive to be humble.
  • I will use open COMMUNICATION to express myself and create a FAMILY environment that supports the path of personal discovery.
  • I am respectful of all different backgrounds, orientations, ethnicities, ages, and present place or outlook in life. I understand that directing hate or overtly negative ranting at other Members, Employees or Contributors will not be tolerated. I agree to the site Terms Of Use.


  • I embrace each new moment and idea by learning in an expansive and ACCEPTING way and also understand that every idea or recommendation may not work for me personally.
  • I understand that life is a process of personal growth and change; I agree to embrace and honor my personal EVOLUTION and the evolution of others.
  • I commit to a RESOURCEFUL mindset and will try to use our global assets intelligently – conserving, reusing, recycling, repurposing – and find my own version of sustainable wellness.


  • When interacting with Members, Contributors or Employees, I will always use productive ways to ENGAGE and display my PASSION for topics presented, concerns raised, questions asked or any other type of interaction that may present itself.
  • Even in the face of challenges, I take full RESPONSIBILITY for myself and my behavior.
  • I remain DRIVEN to seek to seek to understand and find win-win solutions for myself and others.

  Join our ecosystem of health, wellness and wellbeing

*Membership Privileges may be revoked at any time for any reason.